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City of Columbia

Social Services Funding

The City of Columbia recognizes that, in addition to physical infrastructure and public safety, it must also make an investment in the social infrastructure of our community.  To this end, the City seeks to assure that adequate levels of needed and effective social services are made available to low-income residents of the City. This is accomplished through a combination of coordinating, providing, and purchasing social services. For those social services which are deemed to be necessary but cannot be provided directly by the City, the City seeks to assure the availability of these services by entering into purchase of service contracts with community-based social service providers.

The Human Services Commission (HSC) and the Division of Human Services (DHS) are charged by the Columbia City Council to make annual recommendations for the allocation of City general revenue funding for the purchase of social services. To do so, DHS issues targeted “Requests for Proposals” (RFPs) by issue area in a staggered, two year cycle.

For detailed information about the City’s social services funding, please visit the City’s Social Services web pages.

City of Columbia Community Development Department – CDBG/HOME

CDBG is a flexible funding source that can be used for a variety of community development activities targeted towards low to moderate income individuals, households and neighborhoods (80% Area Median Income and below).  The CDBG program works to ensure decent affordable housing, to provide services to the most vulnerable in our communities, and to create jobs through the expansion and retention of businesses. CDBG is an important tool for helping local governments address serious challenges facing their communities.

opens in a new windowCity of Columbia Community Development Department – CDBG/HOME

Boone County Community Services Department

The Community Services Department was created to oversee and coordinate the disbursement of the funds received from the Children’s Services sales tax, the portion of the Boone Hospital lease revenue designated for health care, the domestic violence funds collected through court fees and the Social Service funding.

Boone County Community Services Department

Heart of Missouri United Way

Heart of Missouri United Way currently provides grant funding to 33 local agencies in Boone, Cooper and Howard Counties whose programs services fall into one or more areas of impact.Funding cycles for Community Impact Grants are staggered. Grants are funded in three-year intervals for Education, Health and Financial Stability programs, and in two-year intervals for Basic Needs programs.


  • Financial Stability – Funding Cycle: July 2019-June 2022
    • Goal: Reduce the number of financially unstable families and individuals and support their financial independence.
  • Health – Funding Cycle: July 2020-June 2023
    • Goal: Promote healthy behaviors in our community.
  • Basic Needs – Funding Cycle: July 2018-June 2020
    • Goal: Heart of Missouri United Way invests in services for families and individuals experiencing times of need and seeks to empower them to improve their future.
  • Education – Funding Cycle: July 2018-June 2021
    • Goal: Support school readiness, literacy and academic success.

Heart of Missouri United Way