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Boone Indicators Dashboard

The Boone Indicators Dashboard (BID) opens in a new window is a collaboration effort between BIG, data experts, and the University of Missouri Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA). OSEDA has been contracted to collect the most reliable data sources regarding populations and issues of Boone County residents. The purpose of the BID project is to provide visualized information tools -community indicators- to be easily accessed by diverse community stakeholders who currently require higher data capacity to more effectively inform and align community planning, resource investment, and performance management and monitoring.

BID views this work to be a foundational building block that will establish core capacities for collective impact. Emergent collective impact process evaluations show that every backbone function necessary to drive progress hinges on the partners’ ability to use data to develop a common agenda, inform and scale up strategy alignment, and to leverage sustainable investments.

Boone Impact Group Taxonomy of Services

The Boone Impact Group Taxonomy of Services opens in a new window was created by Boone County Community Services Department, City of Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services, City of Columbia Community Development Department, and Heart of Missouri United Way.

The taxonomy provides service categories that identify the type of services provided to individuals living in Boone County. The purpose of the taxonomy is to have a universal language for services being provided among organizations receiving funding from the sources mentioned previously. Funding proposals will require using the taxonomy of services to identify what services will be provided. The programs will be individualized within proposal narratives, proposed outcomes, indicators, and method of measurements.

 BIG Taxonomy of Services Survey Feedback and Responses opens in a new window

BIG collected feedback on the Taxonomy of Services from local organizations to make sure services they provide are included and accurately defined. The feedback was collected  and arranged into a table with responses from BIG on how suggestions were processed. This document opens in a new window will continue to be updated as additional feedback is received and processed by BIG.

Feedback on the taxonomy will continue and possible changes will be discussed between BIG partners. You can provide feedback through BIG’s online survey opens in a new window.


Boone Impact Group partners utilize a web-based funding management system, Apricot by Social Solutions, through which proposals for community-based funding must be submitted. These instructions are intended to assist organizations in submitting proposals in response to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) issued by the County.

Funding Information by BIG Partner

Boone County Community Services Department

City of Columbia Community Development Department – CDBG/HOME

Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services

Heart of Missouri United Way