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Provides after-school and summer programming that promotes healthy lifestyles for youth ages 6-18.

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After-School and Summer Programming

Funded By: Boone County Children’s Services Fund and Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services

The goal of the program is to overcome risk factors of youth by providing mental wellness through quality prevention programs in an affordable, safe, and positive place after school, during the summer, and on weekends led by highly trained staff in healthy lifestyles, good character, parent engagement, and on site counseling.

Services Provided:

  • Out of School Programming (including: academic support/academic enrichment, positive youth development, health education, career exploration, parent partnership, job readiness training, cultural enrichment, physical activity, congregate meals, transportation
  • Best Practices Training
  • Social/Emotional Screening
  • Individual Therapy – Child
  • Group Therapy – Child
  • Behavior Support Services

 Project Learn & Project Jr., Be Great Healthy Lifestyles, Be Great-Graduate, & Gang Prevention

Funded By: Heart of Missouri United Way – Education and Heath

Through Project Learn, Club staff use all the areas and programs in the Club to create opportunities for these high-yield learning activities, which include leisure reading, writing activities, discussions with knowledgeable adults, helping others, homework help, tutoring and games (such as Scrabble) that develop young people’s cognitive skills. Project Learn also emphasizes parent inclement and collaboration between Club and school professionals as critical factors in creating the best after-school learning environment for Club members ages 6 to 18.

BGCC encourages youth to be healthy for a great future. The Be Great Healthy Lifestyles program offers fitness and preventative health and wellness programs that promote healthy habits and combat the rising epidemic of childhood obesity. The program address problems such as drub and alcohol use and premature sexual activity, while gender-specific programs reinforce positive behavior and allow youth to learn from their peers in a safe environment. BGCC also offers team-based sports programs for all genders and ages.