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Provides health promotion and education, addresses the causes and effects of poverty, provides WIC and community nutrition, and other services.

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Live Well Boone County

Funded By: Boone County Community Health Fund

The program goals include: empower all residents to eat a healthy diet and be physically active; improve our community’s ability to access and utilize comprehensive health services; and prevent suicide, underage drinking, misuse of prescription drugs, and use of illegal drugs.

Services Provided:

  • Live Well Health Promotion Intervention
  • Behavioral Health Awareness Campaign on Suicide Prevention and Substance Use

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

Funded By: Boone County Children’s Services Fund

TOP encourages schools and counselors to recruit students to lead community service activities, discuss current issues, and utilize TOP curriculum that focuses on health education. The purpose is to encourage healthy behaviors and community engagement for youth through Positive Youth Development strategies.

Services Provided:

  • Health Education
  • Information and Referral
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Family Education